Vanessa Luciani

Stéphanie Blais

2020-03-15 17:38:21

I love my Vluci Fitness program, I picked the strong women project-starter program and combined it with a personalized meal plan made by Vanessa and I’m seeing amazing results just after one month! The workouts are highly effective, flexible to your level of fitness, the equipment that you have available and to the time you have in your day/week. As for the meal plan, it was great to have a plan that is not highly restrictive, it is more about building new and healthier eating habits. Ive been working out 4 times a week using her programs and following the meal plan and I lost over 5 pounds in 3 weeks, about 1 inch and a half off my waist and most importantly, I just feel so much healthier! I also want to thank Vanessa for all her great advices and motivational support! I’ve started my month #2 yesterday and I can't wait to see the progress I will make during this month! :)

Josianne Maurice

2020-03-14 14:46:49

Les entraînements de VLuci Fitness sont court/intense/complet/facile à faire à la maison avec un minimum d'équipement. En plus, elle est toujours là pour répondre à nos questions. Elle fait pleins de vidéos pour nous pousser encore plus loin et donner des résultats. No Pain No Gain VLuci Fitness trainings are short/intense/well rounded/easy to do at home with a minimum of equipment. She is always there to help you out and answer your questions. All her workouts are made to push your limits and get you results. No Pain No Gain!!!

Vanessa Danisi

2020-02-18 11:01:24

Amazing program, on the nutritional aspect as well as the work-out videos. Well-structured, fun, and most importantly you will notice results in just few weeks which is encouraging. Thanks to this efficient program, Ive made changes that will not only benefit me in the short run but specially in the long run. Thats the main focus of Vanessa’s mentality! She is exceptional at what she does: passionate, goal-driven and extremely available to answer any questions. No more excuses for me: everything is there to take care of my body and myself physically and mentality!